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Loreto Convent ,Shimla


  • Skirt :- Grey Blue pleated skirt. One inch pleats.
  • Trousers :-Grey Blue trousers for Winter.
  • Blouse :-Light Blue blouse and striped Tie.
  • Cardigan :- Grey Blue Cardigan.
  • Socks :- Knee length socks to match blouse and skirt.
  • Muffler :- Navy Blue .
  • Gloves :- Navy Blue .
  • Shoes :- (i) Black strapped shoes for daily use.
    (ii) Gym shoes:- Black Keds for Games and Drill.
  • Ribbon/Band :- Black and White
  • Blazer :- Navy Blue with School Crest.
  • House Coat :-Grey Dust Coat to be worn by Nursery to Class V students.
  • P.T. Uniform :-Track suit (T-shirt, Lower and Upper) as per pattern.
  • XI, XII Uniform :-
    White Salwar, Blue Shirt, White Dupatta is compulsory with school blazer. All pupils are expected to come to School daily in clean uniform with clean socks and well-polished shoes.

PT Uniform

Junior Section Class Nursery to V

Senior Section Class VI to X