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Loreto Convent ,Shimla


Regular evaluation is the joint responsibility of the Principal with her staff. Its purpose is to help the teacher to assess her effectiveness in getting material and skills across to her students and to help each student to be aware of the areas in which she has grown and those in which she still needs to improve.

  • No examinations are held at Junior School level. Here a system of daily assessment prevails, so as to ensure a vibrant, joyful learning environment.

Promotion is the joint responsibility of the Principal and the staff, but the final decision rests with the Principal.

  • Promotion is based on the year’s performance in scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas.
  • Every opportunity is given to students to be promoted.
  • Promotion takes into consideration the pressures the student is subjected to, her capacity to catch up on lost time, her regularity throughout the year.
  • A qualifying D grade or 40% marks or above is required for promotion
  • Attendance is a criterion for promotion.