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Loreto Convent ,Shimla


The recent events have highlighted the vulnerability of school Children and how security lapses lead to tragedies. As per the directions of the Distt. Administration Shimla, The Honorable High Court of Himachal Pradesh and CBSE we at Loreto Convent School Tara Hall always prioritize the safety and security of the students. In this regard, we would like to apprise you of the security measures being carried out in our school.

Entry and Exit

  • I) There are six gates in the school campus, but due to security reasons, the school is using only four gates (Gate No.1,2,3 and 4).
  • II) Gate No.1 is used by Vehicles only and Gate No.2 is used by walkers only.
  • III) No one is allowed to enter from gate No.3 except students and teachers. This gate is inside the school campus after entering from gate No. 1 and 2.
  • IV) Gate No 4 is used at the dispersal time at 2:40 pm by walkers and private car children.
  • V) Gate No. 1 and Gate No.2 are manned by trained security guards. Security checks at the school gate are carried out for all visitors. Domestic staff manages gate no 4 from 2:40 to 3:00pm
  • VI) Visitors without prior appointment are denied entry unless it is a medical emergency.
  • VII) Gate pass is provided for any child leaving early after informing the Coordinators, class teacher and the school office. If parents cannot come then a letter of authority for the same and an authorization card is needed by the school and it is mandatory for all


  • i) There are 37 CCTV Cameras installed in the school premises.
  • ii) Cameras are placed to face all entry and exit points, corridors, staircases, boundary wall entry points of toilets, and play fields.


  • I) We have 2 infirmaries in the school. Where we have provision for first aid.
  • II) In case of any medical attention required by the students, school informs the parents and during an emergency the students are taken to the nearby Hospital ( DDU / IGMC)
  • III) When a student is taken home by the parents, a gate pass is provided to them by the school office for the gatekeeper i.e. the security ground.


  • i) No child is allowed to be in the classroom during break time unless they have a medical problem. In such a case a note by the class teacher is written in the school diary to grant her the permission to stay in the class.
  • ii) Teachers are on duty during lunch break time to ensure safety and security of all children.
  • iii) Our school has a sexual harassment committee and child protection cell to deal with matters related to POCSO and any kind of safety concern.
  • iv) Details of the parents, students and their family issues are kept strictly confidential.
  • v) One full time counselor is present to deal with students personal and emotional problems.
  • vi) Students are being made aware frequently about good and bad touch, safe online habits and precautions to be observed while using social media (by showing them educational movies and talk related to these issues).
  • vii) Disaster management drills for earth quake and fire are conducted to train students for an emergency evacuation (the school has put the plan for an emergency exit on each floor).
  • viii) Classrooms are checked by the teacher who has the last period with them.


  • i) Children of classes nursery, K.G and 1st are escorted by the female staff to use the washroom.
  • ii) Dedicated female attendant is present for junior school washroom.
  • iii) All toilets which are used by the students are cleaned by female support staff members.


  • i) During dispersal time students first assemble in the main field to form their lines separately, for buses, taxies and walkers.
  • ii) Teachers are on duty at dispersal time and students are escorted to their buses and taxies by their bus/taxi line teacher.
  • iii) Walkers and private vehicle children are also escorted by the teacher on duty till gate No.4 .


  • i) Support staff members have always had a separate wash room for their own use.
  • ii) Only female support members are allowed to clean the student’s washroom during school hours.
  • iii) Police verification of all support staff members has been initiated.


  • i) The School has big and spacious classrooms for all students.
  • ii) There are three big play fields in the school.
  • iii) Fire extinguishers are installed in corridors and laboratories.
  • iv) Safe drinking water is provided to our students and staff.
  • v) Proper disposal of waste is ensured to provide a clean environment for our students.
  • vi) School has provision of ramp for differently abled students.

We follow the’ Ethical Policy and Practices for Loreto School in India ‘ which has been practiced in our school for many years. They comprise of Child Protection Policies, professional ethics, discipline etc. to create safe and caring atmosphere for our students.

We seek cooperation from parents in the following area:

  • i) Photograph of parents is mandatory in the school diary for verification purpose especially when the parents pickup their ward from school.
  • ii) If parents are unable to pick up their ward, then they are requested to send the I- Card issued by the school /authorization letter with ID proof of the person who will come to pick their ward from school.
  • iii) Parents are advised not to encourage their wards to go to their friends or relatives house while returning by bus/taxi from school to ensure that child reaches home safely.
  • iv) School has asked all the taxi and private bus drivers and owners to provide the authentic documents of vehicles, drivers and details of the students they are carrying. Parents are requested to help school in this regard, and make sure that drivers are not intoxicated.
  • v) Student must wear their ID card every day.
  • vi) Parents are requested to encourage car pooling, no single child vehicle is allowed inside the school premises.
  • vii) Parents are requested not to cross the road in front of school main gate with their wards, but to use the under-bridge road.


  • i) For a smooth and safe traffic management system, the school has formed a traffic management committee.
  • ii) There are 2 traffic coordinators, 4 teachers and 8 students (Traffic wardens) 1 security guard two support staff and school supervisor on duty to manage the traffic.
  • iii) No walkers are allowed from gate no.1 only vehicles are allowed during opening and dispersal time of the school.
  • iv) Walkers use only gate no. 2 for entry and gate no 4 at dispersal time.
  • v) School has provided different timings for HRTC buses and taxies to avoid any type of traffic congestion.
  • vi) For the class nursery, the school will get over by 11:45 am, XI and XII by 01:20 p.m., K.G.,I, and II by 02:00 p.m. and rest of the school at 02:40p.m