Affiliated to CBSE Affiliation No. 630148

Toppers 2016-2017

  • Aditi Jamwal (CGPA - 10)

  • Aditi Kapur (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Nadda (CGPA - 10)

  • Ananya Bhimta (CGPA - 10)

  • Ashini Kaushik (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Mehta (CGPA - 10)

  • Ayushi Kanwar (CGPA - 10)

  • Diksha Singh (CGPA - 10)

  • Divyansha Kaushal (CGPA - 10)

  • Divya Verma (CGPA - 10)

  • Hiteshitta Vikram (CGPA - 10)

  • Ishita Gupta (CGPA - 10)

  • Kamiya Jishtu (CGPA - 10)

  • Khushali Mahajan (CGPA - 10)

  • Khushi Arora (CGPA - 10)

  • Lavnima Sharma (CGPA - 10)

  • Pallavi Kashyap (CGPA - 10)

  • Purnima Lal (CGPA - 10)

  • Rishika Sharma (CGPA - 10)

  • Saikriti Nagraik (CGPA - 10)

  • Sehar Asotra (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Sharma (CGPA - 10)

  • Surbhi Sood (CGPA - 10)

  • Tanu Dogra (CGPA - 10)

  • Vasundhara Jhobta (CGPA - 10)

  • Yuganshi Bharti (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Rana (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Gupta (CGPA - 10)

  • Natalya Mangat 97%

  • Malvika Singh 96%

  • Chavi Sharma 94.2%

  • Harshita Kashyap 96%

  • Harshita Khagta 95.2%

  • Apurva Sharma 95.2%

  • Apoorva Jishtu 96%

  • Manishna Banta 91.8%

  • Parul Gupta 90 %

  • Taruna Ninawe 94.4%

  • Somya Sood 88.2%

  • Tanya Ranta 87.6%

Head Girl's Message
Head Girl's Message 2017

Rishika Sharma
“Good leadership is not about advancing yourself but about advancing your team.”

As the Head girl of Loreto Convent Tara Hall I would sincerely want to thank God for this responsibility bestowed on me. Discipline, Sincerity, kindness and integrity are the pillars on which my ideals. I would like to thank Sr. Stephanie for believing in me and the teachers for moulding me in such a fine manner. It is clearly evident that the school has not only helped us develop academically but has succeeded in making us compassionate, caring and articulate young girls who will hold on to the Mary ward motto-‘ Women in to come will do much!’ As the head of the student cabinet for the year 2017-18 I promise to work hand in hand with the fellow members and live up to the expectations at the same time hold to the values of the Loreto family. When you begin to think of yourself as having achieved something then there is nothing left for you to work towards. I want to believe that there is a mountain so high that I will strive to reach the top of it.

Leadership is all about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that the impact lasts in your absence. All I want is not to achieve alone but together. With the support of the students I can achieve what I strive for and along with my team I believe that we can achieve great things in the course of our leadership.

We are all ready to be bold in the face of uncertainty and the only message I want to give is that ‘The ultimate measure of a person is not when he stands in moments of comfort and convenience , but when he stands at lines of challenge and controversy.’

Always remember:

“Patient and steady with all be must bear, Ready to meet every challenge with care, never backs down when he sees what is true growing in Strength he won’t be unnerved such a leader ever assuming he will stand by his word.”

Rishika Sharma
(Head Girl)

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