Affiliated to CBSE Affiliation No. 630148

Toppers 2017-2018

  • Asmita Sood (98.6%)

  • Vinus Thakur (97%)

  • Millie Aurora (96.8%)

  • Vanshika Sood (96.8%)

  • Harshita Jain (96.6%)

  • Aarisha Chauhan (96.2%)

  • Gurmehar Kaur (95.2%)

  • Samridhi Bhartia (95.2%)

  • Vidi Keshav(94.4%)

  • Pallavi Gupta (94.2%)

  • Aastha Thakur (94%)

  • Shreya Rana 96.6%

  • Pallavi Kashyap 96.2%

  • Aditi Jamwal 92.8%

  • Anubha Gupta 92.8%

  • Shreya Gupta 89.4%

  • Avantika Sood 88.2%

  • Ameya Ohri 85.2%

  • Ayushi Kanwar 85.2%

  • Shreya Thakur 94.8%

  • Kashish Ahluwalia 91.2%

  • Mannat Jalta 89%

  • Ishita Chugh 95.6%

  • Ravitanaya Sharma 95.6%

  • Vibhor Jaswa 95.6%

  • Kripalini Sood 93.6%

  • Diksha Vashisht 93%

Student Life
Physical Education
Loreto ensures that the Physical Education programme helps students in the development of both body and mind. Emphasis on developing various aspects of the personality, shaping a positive outlook, good team spirit, and a sound character. Yoga and Meditation at Assembly have been introduced for this purpose. Games are mainly inter-House and inter-School. Games like Kho-Kho, Throwball, Basketball, Table Tennis and Badminton are played. Emphasis is placed on excellence rather than on competition.

Yoga - Union or Communion
Our aim in the Yoga classes is the development of perfect harmony between the individual and the cosmos. Yoga enables true union of our will with the will of God. It disciplines the intellect, the mind, the emotion and the poise of the soul which enables one to look at life in a balanced, even way. Yogic exercises of awareness and meditation are held daily.

Karate - The Empty Hand Way of Self Defence
Besides enabling one to acquire certain defensive skills, karate is an art which can develop a number of virtues in an individual with a sense of responsibility, and a sense of self discovery. Karate classes are held early in the morning for half-an-hour for various classes in the week.

Marathon- Walks to Bring a Change
Every year regularly marathons are held by our school to make the students active and make them fit. Every time the marathon is held for a strong reason, this year it was held to spread the issue of global warming and to ensure clean and green environment, to make people aware that our body needs to be fit to live a prosperous life.

Athletic Meets
Every year athletic meet is held regularly for the development of a student in the field of physical education. These races inculcate the habits of time management in students when they have to complete the race in the minimum time interval. It enables the fitness of the students.

Indoor Activities
The school not only develops the habit of outdoor games and sports but has made provisions for indoor activities like carom, chess, table tennis etc .Chess the best mind boggling game is played in school to increase the concentration level among students.