Affiliated to CBSE Affiliation No. 630148


  • Aditi Jamwal (CGPA - 10)

  • Aditi Kapur (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Nadda (CGPA - 10)

  • Ananya Bhimta (CGPA - 10)

  • Ashini Kaushik (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Mehta (CGPA - 10)

  • Ayushi Kanwar (CGPA - 10)

  • Diksha Singh (CGPA - 10)

  • Divyansha Kaushal (CGPA - 10)

  • Divya Verma (CGPA - 10)

  • Hiteshitta Vikram (CGPA - 10)

  • Ishita Gupta (CGPA - 10)

  • Kamiya Jishtu (CGPA - 10)

  • Khushali Mahajan (CGPA - 10)

  • Khushi Arora (CGPA - 10)

  • Lavnima Sharma (CGPA - 10)

  • Pallavi Kashyap (CGPA - 10)

  • Purnima Lal (CGPA - 10)

  • Rishika Sharma (CGPA - 10)

  • Saikriti Nagraik (CGPA - 10)

  • Sehar Asotra (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Sharma (CGPA - 10)

  • Surbhi Sood (CGPA - 10)

  • Tanu Dogra (CGPA - 10)

  • Vasundhara Jhobta (CGPA - 10)

  • Yuganshi Bharti (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Rana (CGPA - 10)

  • Shreya Gupta (CGPA - 10)

  • Natalya Mangat 97%

  • Malvika Singh 96%

  • Chavi Sharma 94.2%

  • Harshita Kashyap 96%

  • Harshita Khagta 95.2%

  • Apurva Sharma 95.2%

  • Apoorva Jishtu 96%

  • Manishna Banta 91.8%

  • Parul Gupta 90 %

  • Taruna Ninawe 94.4%

  • Somya Sood 88.2%

  • Tanya Ranta 87.6%

About School

Loreto Convent, Tara Hall belongs to the worldwide family of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as Loreto, which was founded by an English woman named Mary Ward, way back in the 16th century. Loreto Sisters and the Loreto Associates are involved in various ministries in every continent, carrying forward Mary Ward’s vision who saw Integrity, Justice, Freedom and Love as essential qualities for any person. She desired that women in particular find their rightful place in the world and society in which they live, becoming people of reflection and discernment in making choices, and learning to "refer all things to God". Developing sincere and right relationships was central to her way. Mary Ward also emphasised the need for deep joy, or ‘felicity’.

Loreto Convent, Tara Hall, Shimla is one of 15 Loreto schools in India. It is an English medium high school for girls, managed by the Shimla Loreto Educational Society. The school is a day school, affiliated to the CBSE Board, Delhi and has classes from Nursery to Class XII.

It’s Heritage:

Tara Hall is a premier institute managed by the Loreto Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, founded by Mary Ward.

The Loreto Sisters came to Shimla in 1892 with a view to provide good quality education for girls in the hills. After purchasing the twin properties of Tara Hall and Bellevue, the Loreto Sisters established themselves on the present site on 30.11.1895. Soon after, to cater to the needs of the underprivileged St. Joseph’s School was opened in the vicinity. In 1904, Tara Hall and St. Joseph’s were amalgamated. In 1946, the Day School at Willows Bank on the Mall, known as Loreto Chalet Day was opened. Darbhanga House was procured from the Maharaja of Darbhanga in March 1964, where now the new School Building stands.

In 1913, the Cambridge Exams were introduced and in 1916 the school secured first place in Punjab in the High School Examination. In 1992, the School celebrated its centenary year.

From 1995 for 13 years the school was under the management of the Sacred Heart Sisters, but in 2008 the Loreto Sisters were welcomed to Shimla on their return. In 2010 the School changed over to the CBSE Board and Classes 11 & 12 was introduced. The educational and cultural heritage of Loreto Convent, Tara Hall School is a by word not only in Shimla but in northern India.